सफ़दर हाश्मी शहादत दिवस 2021
मज़दूरों और कलाकारों का साझा कार्यक्रम
Since 1989, on every 1st January, Jana Natya Manch goes back to Jhandapur, to perform, to reaffirm its commitment to people’s theatre and the unity of the working people and artists. Many artists friends, comrades and local residents of Sahibabad Site-IV join us to celebrate #Safdar‘s red-hot, luminous life by singing, performing and watching plays together.
This year the public meeting will be addressed by Central Committee Member and All India Kisan Sabha Leader, Comrade D.P.Singh.
We will request you all to get your masks and sanitisers. We will also ensure physical distancing at the venue.